About Perfume Price

The Perfume Price Team is dedicated to providing our customers with competitive pricing, a comprehensive inventory of wholesale perfumes and hassle-free ordering. Our innovative approach is designed to serve the wholesale fragrance industry as accurately and quickly as possible.

Perfume Price connects you with latest fragrances for men and best perfume for women, anything from your Name Brand Designer Perfumes and Colognes, to your less expensive Off Brand fragrances.

PerfumePrice.net is your premier source for quality wholesale perfumes. Be sure to check our constantly updated inventory for the hottest new fragrances on the market with the lowest wholesale prices!

Who We Are

PerfumePrice.net is run by a precise group of passionate individuals who are dedicated to the wholesale fragrance industry and take pride in providing excellent customer service.

We sell to anyone from small end retailers, private sellers, other wholesalers, some retail chains, and growing more and more internationally every day. We stay on top and go above and beyond for our customers.  At Perfume Price, we are always raising the bar for our network who live and breathe wholesale fragrances.

Since we cater exclusively to the wholesale perfume industry, first time customers in the U.S. must have a minimum order of at least $1,500 U.S.D.  If you are an international buyer, the minimum order is at least $5,000.

*If you live in the State of Florida, a sales tax certificate is required.

Note: Perfume Price is a Distributor of Designer, Independent Brands and Private Labelled items, not a manufacturer.