Protect Your Wholesale Perfume Investment From Shoplifting

While setting up your fragrance shop to look and feel like a high-security prison isn’t a very good idea, you need to be aware of organized shoplifting practices designed to deprive you of your wholesale perfume inventory and put it on the black market.

Shoplifting is a real and serious problem, but you can combat it in some simple and effective ways.

The Size Of The Problem

Consumer experts and law enforcement officials say that theft costs retail sellers billions each year. According to the National Retail Federation, the number could be as high as $30 billion a year. Retailers spend about $12 billion a year, according to some sources, to combat the problem.

The problem isn’t just teenagers who stick bottles of perfume and other consumer item under their coats and walk out while no one’s looking. Today, organized retail theft rings function in most major cities and in some smaller towns too.

In one small city with a name that wouldn’t be recognized outside of its home state, officials recently broke up a shoplifting ring that was operating over four counties and involved at least 13 police jurisdictions. The officials have pressed more than 116 theft charges on more than 60 people — both men and women.

In the case of this ring, these boosters, as they call themselves, worked in teams of up to eight people and hit stores including Family Dollar, CVS and Walmart.

In larger stores, the often accomplish the theft by doing a simple push out — they simply ignore staff and warning lights, walk out the door and dump the merchandise into a waiting getaway car. In smaller stores, nesting is more common. That involves hiding valuable perfumes and other items under newspapers or coats brought with them into the store.

Doing Something About It

You can protect your wholesale perfume investment from the unscrupulous people who enter your store alongside your genuine customers by being slightly deceptive, training employees to be present and pay attention and installing real security systems when necessary.

Petty thieves and those without much experience will avoid shops that have security camera and sensor gates, and you can install dummy or replica versions that aren’t hooked up to anything for very little cost. Making sure your employees stay between customers and the door is another effective technique when possible.

If theft becomes a real problem for you, protecting your wholesale perfume investment is essential to the survival of your business — and a real security system with cameras is the only solution, and you need a system installed by professionals for best results.

And even that, we’re sad to say, won’t stop all theft. But clear images of thieves can help police detect patterns, stop repeat offenders and put an end to organized rings in your area. That won’t get you your inventory back, but it will help put a stop to the problem in the future.

How A Wholesale Perfume Reseller Can Fail: A Negative Case Study

In a Texas mall, there’s a small perfume store that doesn’t seem to be selling much perfume. That’s probably because it’s doing everything wrong. Ordering wholesale perfume is the first step in a selling process that involves many aspects.

Let’s look a little closer at what this Texas wholesale perfume reseller is doing wrong that’s limiting its success. At a quick glance, we can see at least four things the company and it’s employees are doing that doesn’t fit the model of a successful retailers:

1. There’s nothing to catch people’s attention.

This mall perfume shop is located in a corner location near Sears and across from a vitamin store, and it should be more successful than it is. But all the perfume is locked inside glass cases even though crime isn’t a major issue in this mall. And there are no testers out. Plus, they don’t bother with nice displays designed to catch attention. Things are arranged as they would be in a warehouse, not like a retail store.

2. The place doesn’t look clean, new or modern.

The owners of the store moved into a location that had previous sold luggage and sold other merchandise before that. And they didn’t do much other than bring in their glass cases. They didn’t even clean the carpet, leaving a large stain in full view of customers. They finally covered it with a rug, but why not update the place a bit to show customers they care about doing a good job?

3. The staff stay behind their counters.

No one who works there is friendly or outgoing, so the few customers who do walk into the store don’t know what to do next. Employees don’t suggest merchandise, offer samples or steer people toward things that are on special or with which the store is overstocked. In fact, workers sometimes don’t bother to great customers, so how can they expect to make a sale if they never even make contact? You can’t turn wholesale perfume into retail sales like that.

4. They break rules and annoy people.

Often, the two employees can be seen sitting down watch DVDs and smoking during business hours. The smell of smoke in the shop masks the smell of the fragrances, decreasing the likelihood of sale. Plus, they’re breaking mall rules by smoking inside, running the risk that they could be forced out before their lease is up, losing any chance of making a profit. Never mind that the sitting, smoking employees should be stocking shelf, cleaning or greeting all the potential customers that are getting away.

Across the hall from this perfume shop is a women’s clothing shop that changes its discount signs every day and always has a friendly woman standing in the door reminding customers who pass by what’s on sale that day. For every dozen or so greetings, she gets someone to slow down and perhaps come in.

At the mall perfume store we’ve been watching, we think some great displays, compelling signage and interactive sales clerks might just move some wholesale perfume, turning it into profits to feed the family of the owner and pay the mall’s high rent.

But wholesale perfume — no matter how affordably it’s being offered — doesn’t just sell itself.

Wholesale Perfume Suppliers Bring Ancient Tradition To The Masses

They probably couldn’t have imagined it: Those early Egyptians who invented perfume likely could not have imagined similar fragrances being sold by the case to entrepreneurs like you who make it available to the masses in shopping malls, online stores and through flea markets and other more personalized shopping experiences.

But wholesale perfume suppliers are today’s keepers of an ancient tradition. Without a way of getting perfume from one corner of the world to another, it couldn’t have become the worldwide, multi-billion-dollar enterprise that it is today.

The History Of Perfume

Like so many parts of modern life, perfume dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Originally, it was simply incense used as part of religion rituals. In fact, the word “perfume” is a combination of the Latin words “per” and “fumus” which translate “through smoke”.

Around the same time perfumes were being developed, so were cosmetics. Both were attempts to get the gods to smile down on people and generate positive outcomes in their lives. Those who could afford it even had perfumes and cosmetics place with them in their tombs for use in the afterlife. And these early Egyptians believed the more perfume you used, the better.

King Tut’s tomb is said to have included many pots of scented oils and fragrances surrounding his body — and many of them still smelled strong, even after more than 3,000 years.

As perfume usage traveled around the world in those early years, it was used mostly by priests and other religious officials in ceremonies. It made sense, of course, that people would soon want to use perfumes as part of their personal bathing and grooming rituals.

Perfume oils helped maintain the skin in Greece and Egypt, protecting against the hot climate. From the same desire to soften the skin arose moisturizers, balms and creams. In fact, most of today’s beauty enhancement products have their origins in ancient perfume rituals.

In ancient Egypt as today, fragrant oils and other personal and religious scents have always been contained in beautifully decorated vessels worthy of the sweet, sultry and appealing odors inside. Beautiful scents, many people believe, deserve to be represented by compelling and interesting containers.

Is The Romance Gone?

Today, it may seem that the romance and the mystery have gone from many aspects of life. But there are people around the globe trying to carry on ancient traditions. Are you doing your part?

In manufacturing plants, warehouses, industrial parks and storerooms around the world, the ancient tradition of perfuming the body for religious and personal reasons and as part of mating rituals is being maintained by scent makers and wholesale perfume suppliers.

The industry may not seem as separate, intriguing and distant from reality as it once did, but what does?

Today’s wholesale perfume suppliers are doing what they do best, and that’s something that’s continued for thousands of years. These companies are carrying on a tradition that started thousands of years ago with a very different purpose and meaning — and making it as relevant to today’s world as a lawnmower or an iPad.

Why Wholesale Perfume Distributors Want You To Understand Top Notes, Heart Notes And Base Notes

As wholesale perfume distributors, it’s in our best interest if you and your customers understand how perfumes age on the body. That’s because customers who smell top notes in your store may be disappointed when only base notes remain on their skin.

This is especially important with off-brand perfumes that can evaporate from the skin somewhat more quickly than name brands, leaving lingering base notes much longer.

Still confused? Don’t have any idea what we’re talking about?

For your customers to be completely satisfied, they must understand that perfumes change in smell after they’re placed on the body. Did you know that? If not, it’s time for a quick lesson about top notes, heart notes and base notes. This lesson will benefit you and your wholesale perfume distributors like us who will have a lot less explaining to do if you understand this natural and expected part of perfume wearing.

Notes Aren’t Just For Music

If you’re more of a businessperson that a true perfume connoisseur, you may need to learn a few things about perfumes to make yourself a better perfume retailer. And a lesson about top notes, heart notes and base notes is as good a place to start as any.

Top notes are simply the impression that a perfume or cologne gives when it’s first smelled or applied to skin or clothing. You smell the most volatile ingredients first, and these may quickly go away. That’s why it’s important for customers to sample a fragrance and let it rest a few minutes before making a firm decision.

While the top notes are often the freshest, strongest and perhaps even a bit harsh, they quickly fade into the heart notes, which are often gentler.

Heart notes — also called the middle notes — are the true essence of the scent. Put simply, these notes are what a scent smells like most of the time it’s being worn. That’s after the top notes have faded away and before the base notes become obvious.

Base notes are the third and final phase of a perfume or cologne evaporating from the skin and are important for customers and sellers to understand. Some low-quality perfumes can have unpleasantly harsh, musky or chemically bottom or base notes. These notes are the leftovers, if you will — the scent that remains on the skin as it is finishing its evaporation.

Base notes can be quite pleasant, however, depending on the scent. They are also an indication that it’s time to reapply if the evening is still young.

Putting It All Together

In general, top notes aren’t a good indication of a fragrance because they evaporate rather quickly. Heart notes become prominent after a few minutes. Customers will complain, however, if heart notes fade to base notes too quickly — although they may not use this technical terminology.

Still, wholesale perfume distributors like us and retailers like you are required to decode what our customers really mean so we can understand their issues. And understanding that fragrances have a three-stage evaporation life is an important part of that.

Wholesale perfume distributors like Perfume Price ultimately want the same thing you do: great profits and satisfied customers. Understanding industry terminology will help us both reach our goals.

What Should You Buy When Ordering Perfume Wholesale? Market Research Is Close At Hand

So which products will sell best at your bricks-and-mortar or online perfume store? When ordering perfume wholesale there are so many choices that it can be hard to decide which products are best.

But there are lots of ways to find out for yourself what kinds of fragrances people are wearing — and you’ll be surprised how many people will readily admit wearing off-brand perfume instead of expensive name brands.

So how do you do some market research without hiring a marketing consultant and spending lots of money? Here are some great ideas:

Start with your friends and family.

Notice what those closest to you are wearing. Have you been paying attention? Your teenage children, your spouse and your siblings may all be spending money on perfume. But which brands are getting their dollars? Look around and ask questions.

Pass close to people.

As you get more experienced with how fragrances smell, you’ll recognize many scents. Then, go to the mall or a restaurant near where your business is located and take note of what people are wearing. Those people are your customers, and they’ll buy from you if you offer better deals and friendlier service than your competitors.

Have a testing party.

Once you get a selection of scents on hand, invite a few people over to offer you opinions on which they think you should promote the hardest. All this kind of market research will cost you is a couple bottles of wine and some chips and salsa. Soon, you’ll be ordering wholesale perfume with a lot more acumen once you have these valuable opinions onboard.

Simply ask.

Ask your friends what they wear and why. You already know your friends and their tendencies, so their opinions will help you match up fragrances with the kinds of people who wear them. That will not only help you with ordering perfume wholesale from your supplier but with understanding what products to push to which people.

Ask women about men’s fragrances.

Men may be reluctant to talk about fragrances and may not admit when they wear off-brand cologne. But ask the women around you what their men wear and what scents they find attractive. This is a valuable market research method too.

Be sure to take good notes on everything you’re learning about the fragrance industry from your free sources of market research, then you’ll soon be an expert on the topic — as you should be.

And you can make smarter buying choices when you order perfume wholesale from a supplier like Perfume Price. Sure, there’s some legwork involved in getting to know how the people around you interact with fragrances, but it’s a vital part of learning your business.

Plus, your friends and family will appreciate contributing to your success. That means everyone wins, and your relatives and acquaintances could become your best customers. Just be sure they understand you’re in business to make money — and not in the business of giving away your inventory.

Wholesale Perfume Types You Can Profitably Resell

There’s more than one type of perfume.

We don’t just mean there’s more than one brand — there are hundreds, obviously — but there’s more than one kind of preparation and more than one way products are intended to be used. Do you know about the four major types of perfume product types and how they differ?

If you’re new to the business or confused by what we mean, don’t worry. We’ll explain. There’s a lot to learn about the perfume business, but we’re here to help you every step of the way. For us to succeed, we need you to succeed.

Wholesale Perfume Fragrance Products You Can Resell

There are four primary kinds of wholesale perfume body fragrances that Perfume Price offers to its wholesale customers like you. This doesn’t cover every kind of product, but most fall into these four categories:

Liquid Body Splashes and Body Sprays

Intended to refresh wearers, these products often feature a lighter version of a scent in a water-based preparation that’s intended to be used liberally on the body. In general, these products don’t contain much oil, so they won’t stain clothing, cause discomfort when used in large quantity or leave wearers feeling dirty or sticky.

Liquid Perfume Sprays and Cologne Sprays

What most people think of when they say perfume or cologne, these contain a higher percentage of the fragrance than body splashes or sprays and are usually in an alcohol, oil or silicone base that allows them stay where they’re placed on the body. Large manufacturers usually use a lot of alcohol in their products. Smaller boutique makers may not use any alcohol at all due to legal restrictions related to manufacturing with alcohol.

Roll-On Perfumes

Less commonly available and not available in all brands, roll-on products are liquids that have strong fragrances. These tend to be long-lasting, and customers often prefer roll-ons when they are available. Note that these products are not roll-on antiperspirants or deodorants but are roll on versions of the designer and off-brand fragrances.

Solid Fragrances

The least common of commercially available fragrances are solid fragrances. Available in a limited number of brands, they can be solid sticks — which may be marketed like deodorants or formulated with antiperspirants — as well as waxes, butters and other related products. We have a limited number of solid wholesale perfume choices, but they are often popular with customers when available.

Final Thoughts

When purchasing wholesale perfume to resell, it’s important to understand the variety of choices available. Just as important as understanding them is to not try to outguess your customers.

While the idea of roll-on perfume or a fragrance butter that you apply with your fingers may seem unappealing to you, perfume retailers are in the business of making a profit. That means selling what customers want and creating a demand for innovative products they don’t yet know they want.

Armed with complete knowledge about the wide array of fragrance types available, you can make smart wholesale perfume buying choices that will serve you and your customers well.

Easy-Going Wholesale Perfume Suppliers Make Selling Perfume A Great Home Business

Have you ever thought about selling perfume from your home? You wouldn’t be the first. It’s a fun and profitable way to make some extra money, especially if you can wade through the uncooperative wholesale perfume suppliers out there to find one that wants your business.

At Perfume Price, we’re happy work with anyone who wants to buy perfume wholesale and resell it. If you can meet our first-time customer minimum order of $500, we’re happy to work with you to provide the inventory you need. Meeting that low minimum order should be no problem if you have orders in hand already or want to establish a nice inventory to show off at parties or to your friends. If you live in Florida, you’ll also need a sales tax certificate, but that’s required to operate your business legally anyway.

Perfume Parties

So how can you make money selling perfume as a stay-at-home mom or a work-at-home entrepreneur?

Companies like Avon, Tupperware and a number of home goods sellers have their representatives arrange home parties. They’re fun, informative and a great way to show off company wares to a captive audience. But the company keeps most of the money. The seller and host get only a small percentage of the sales.

When you organize a home fragrance party, you do all the planning, Order in enough inventory to support the event or take orders for future delivery. Then, you rely on your sales ability to create demand for products.

Maybe you choose some off-brand fragrances to introduce to your customers. If you know your friends and their friends well, you can easily generate demand for brands that are perfect for the individuals who attend your parties.

It’s a little different from Avon or Tupperware because there are no set rules, marketing materials or procedures. But all of the profit from your parties goes in your pocket.

One-On-One Sales

If you have a large circle of friends and a dynamic personality, one-on-one selling can be effective. Simply order a supply of products from one of your favorite wholesale perfume suppliers, then meet people individually to sell them the products you think are best for them.

You can sell to your neighbor over morning coffee, to other mothers waiting to pick up their kids at school and to the receptionist at your doctor’s office as long as you’ve established a good relationship first. This kind of selling has worked for millions of people for hundreds of years — and it can work for you.

The only real trick to making home-based perfume selling work is to narrow your list of wholesale perfume suppliers down to companies you can trust. Or better yet, just call or email Perfume Price. We’re happy to work with smaller sellers and first-time buyers. As a small company ourselves, we understand and support small business.

So why not give it a shot? Get into the perfume business as a sideline, a new career or turn to home-based selling to supplement your retail location. Whatever approach you take, it can work for you as it has for so many others.

And choosing among the wholesale perfume suppliers available to you is easy — as long as you choose Perfume Price.

Unlike Some Wholesale Perfume Distributors, We’re The Real Thing

Perhaps it comes as no surprise to you that a lot of Internet companies aren’t what they seem to be. In every industry, there are scammers, criminals and others who want to separate you from your hard-earned money without giving you much in return. There are even some companies calling themselves wholesale perfume distributors that are really drop shippers at best and thieves at worst.

To be successful, you need to choose real companies to do business with. If you’ve been in business very long, you’ve probably been taken, scammed or played in some way at least once. But when you check out companies in advance, you can avoid a lot of hassles.

In other words, you can determine if they’re real.

How do you know that Perfume Price is a real wholesale perfume distributor? We have:

A real location.

We’re not trying to hide anything. If you’re in Pompano Beach, Florida, you can come see our real facility at 2501 NW 34th Place, Suite 24. Look around a bit, and you’ll see that everything’s very real — and that we offer some very real deals on fragrances, often at prices you just can’t get elsewhere.

Real inventory.

While others may be only drop shippers for some larger, unnamed company, Perfume Price has inventory in stock and ready to ship to you quickly. If you’re in the United States, we can ship immediately in many cases. We can also arrange shipment to many other locations around the world. Just ask us for details.

Real people.

When you visit our real location and see our real inventory, you’ll encounter real people too. We take pride in our friendly and professional staff. If you don’t plan to be in Florida, give us a call at (954) 581-2227 to hear the real voice of one of our really helpful people who wants to help you succeed in the perfume business.

Really sellable merchandise.

Some wholesale perfume distributors you encounter may turn out to be perfectly reputable people with good facilities — but they don’t have anything you want to buy. In some cases, companies so limit their relationships with manufacturers that they rarely have anything worth selling in stock. And when they do, some of their preferred customers will snap up the deals before you know about them.

Really good prices.

Great prices may be what most sets Perfume Price apart from other reputable wholesale perfume distributors. But offering good prices to you makes sense for us. If you can’t resell our items for a profit, you’ll quit buying. And if no one’s buying from us, we won’t be in business long. That’s why offering you low prices makes us more money than to charge you higher ones.

Still don’t believe we’re the real deal? We promise we’re real perfume-selling, customer-satisfying, telephone-answering, blog-writing people who want your business.

Need more proof? Email us your questions or comments at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If we weren’t one of the world’s realest wholesale perfume distributors, we wouldn’t be able to do that.

Ordering Perfume Wholesale? Learn About Testers

If you’re new to the perfume business and have just started ordering perfume wholesale, you may not completely understand testers. Here’s some useful information about what testers are — and why you should care about them.

They’re just one of the many things you’ll encounter as you get more involved ordering perfume wholesale to resell. And developing a complete understanding of the product terms and choices available in your industry is essential to long-term success.

Understanding Testers

A tester is simply a version of a perfume or cologne that doesn’t come in fancy packaging. They’re almost always in the same bottle as the retail version, include the same amount of the liquid and are of the same quality. They aren’t used or opened, and they’re often considerably less expensive than versions intended for retail marketing.

Keep in mind that not all brands offer testers, and not all testers are provided in the same way. While most come in simple black-and-white boxes, some aren’t provided in boxes at all, and a few may include different kinds of tops or sprayers than the retail version. Decorative caps that are on top of the spray nozzle of some brands of perfume may not be provided.

In all cases, however, the fragrance itself is the same.

Testers are intended as samplers. You can allow customers to use a tester, and you can spray it on cards for customers to take with them to help them make comparisons with other brands. They’re also a great choice for your personal use and the use of family and friends. Testers are also offered for sale online or in retail environments where customers appreciate value rather than packaging.

Misconceptions About Testers

The term tester leads to some misconceptions about what these products actually are. When ordering perfume wholesale, you’ll almost certainly want at least one tester of every fragrance you order, if one is available. That saves you money when providing samples of the scent to your in-person retail customers. What else you do with testers is up to you.

But it’s important to understand that testers are:
– NOT used. The name indicates that the bottles can be used for testing, not that they already have been.
– NOT fakes. They are what they say they are, whether that’s a name brand original or an off-brand perfume.
– NOT illegal. Because tester packaging is often marked “not for resale” or something similar, people new to the industry often think reselling them is illegal. They’re intended for internal or personal use because the packaging is incomplete or unappealing, but there is no legal or moral reason they cannot be sold.

Testers come from perfume makers and are intended to be used. There is nothing strange, unseemly or unethical about purchasing, using, selling or giving away testers.

Customers who don’t care what their perfume containers look like often seek out testers for purchase. If you have some available, you can make a sale.

And when you’re purchasing perfume wholesale, you’re obviously in the business of making sales. If you’re like most retailers, you’ll do that by any legal, ethical and profitable means possible.

Resell Wholesale Fragrances For Big Markups When You Sell Well

If you want to make money reselling wholesale fragrance products at bricks-and-mortar stores, mall kiosks, expos and flea market booths, there are some tricks of the trade that can help you do it with greater volume and for a greater markup. It all starts with good customer service and sound selling techniques.

When you get perfume wholesale, you first have to put in a bit of work to create a nice store, kiosk or stall that will attract customers to it if you want to make some sales. Once they’re there, however, there are three things you can do to better convert lookers into buyers. They are:

1. Make sure your salespeople are knowledgeable.

Many perfume customers want guidance, so be sure your salespeople know how each of your perfumes and colognes smell so they can answer customer questions and meet their demands. What was that perfume that smells like a milder version of Pine-Sol? And which off-brand perfume in your stock smells just like the one advertised by that soap opera guy? Your employees will get some weird questions, and they need to be able to address them knowledgably even if they don’t really have all the answers.

2. Offer samples of the perfumes and colognes most likely to appeal the customer.

You can learn a lot about a customer by looking and even more by listening to their attitudes, comments and tone of voice. Whether you’re offering small samples to take home or a squirt from a tester, gently guide your customers to one or two scents that you think will appeal to them. Remember that a guy in t-shirt at a Sunday afternoon flea market may wear Italian suits to work, so don’t make too many assumptions based solely on looks. But do offer samples. There’s no other way to sell scent.

3. Don’t overwhelm, oversell or pressure customers.

After the second or third scent a customer tries, he or she probably won’t know the difference anymore, so don’t be too generous offering them sample cards — and they only have two wrists to test on anyway. Give customers more space and more time to decide than you would with other products because perfume and cologne are highly personal choices. And since the choice is completely subjective, it can take the average brain a bit more time to decide than it does to decide on one blender or toaster over another. So be patient, but don’t let anyone walk away without a second sales pitch.

Final Thoughts

And here’s another piece of advice for you if you’re new to selling in person: Don’t even try to outguess your customers. People are fickle, unpredictable and do unexpected things, so don’t let anyone shock you.

When you order wholesale fragrance products, you can attempt to order based on your projected clientele and your target area’s sales trends, but watch your sales patterns carefully and make sure you place future wholesale fragrance orders based on what you learned about your buyers when selling the first round.

Buying perfume wholesale and reselling it for a great markup is absolutely possible if you pay careful attention to your selling techniques and offer a wide range of product choices to satisfy every kind of buyer you might encounter.