Entrepreneurs: Make Great Profit Selling Perfumes and Fragrances

You can make a serious second income selling fragrances or start a new perfume business that will provide a nice living for you, your family and perhaps some employees. But how do you get started? Is there really good income potential? And where does the inventory come from?

PerfumePrice.net is a full-service wholesale perfume distributor that is making income dreams become reality for sellers of all sizes around the nation and around the world. We can help you make the most of your sales skills.

Because we offer a low minimum order of just $500 and allow you to submit your orders at any hour through our easy-to-use website, working with us is like having a very accommodating friend in the business.

But is selling perfumes and colognes right for you? It is for lots of people. Here are five great reasons to start a perfume business.

1. There’s great profit potential.

While the exact amount you’ll net depends on how you sell your products, many fragrances — especially off-brand perfumes without large marketing budgets — are available at incredibly low prices. Then, you can mark them up to meet the demands of your market.

2. You have maximum selling flexibility.

You can make a nice profit selling perfume online, at a bricks-and-mortar location or at expos, fairs and events. Set up your own website, create a selling account on an online marketplace or open a shop in your town’s busiest boulevard. And don’t forget about flea markets, mall kiosks and community events. Anywhere people are buying, perfume will catch some attention.

3. Products are easy to get.

We’ve already told you that we’re a low-minimum perfume distributor, but we haven’t yet mentioned that we offer great prices and an impressive selection. Whether you choose to sell name-brand designer fragrances, off-brand scents that smell great and are inexpensive enough for everyday wearing or a combination of the two, we can meet your needs.

4. Storage requirements are minimal.

While it’s best not to let perfume get below freezing or expose it to extremely high temperatures, you don’t need refrigerated storage or a vast warehouse. Products are small and can be stored, for example, in a climate-controlled self-storage unit — or your garage. They can be transported easily too.

5. Scents sell themselves.

Here’s the selling rule for scents: In person, scents sell themselves. Online, stories sell fragrance products. That means it’s important to let people try products if you’re selling in person and the products will then sell themselves. When selling online, spin a good story or tell a great tale that includes the prominent notes in a scent’s profile, and you’ll have no trouble making some sales.

A Final Thought

If you’re looking for a great second income or a new primary income stream, you owe it to yourself to consider selling perfumes and fragrances. So many people are struggling in today’s economy, but there’s untapped profit-making potential remaining in the fragrance industry.

Could you make your fortune selling scent? If you don’t cover your local area or that underserved online niche, someone else will.

Ready to get started? Take a look at our Name Brand Wholesale Catalog.

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