Ordering Perfume Wholesale? Learn About Testers

If you’re new to the perfume business and have just started ordering perfume wholesale, you may not completely understand testers. Here’s some useful information about what testers are — and why you should care about them.

They’re just one of the many things you’ll encounter as you get more involved ordering perfume wholesale to resell. And developing a complete understanding of the product terms and choices available in your industry is essential to long-term success.

Understanding Testers

A tester is simply a version of a perfume or cologne that doesn’t come in fancy packaging. They’re almost always in the same bottle as the retail version, include the same amount of the liquid and are of the same quality. They aren’t used or opened, and they’re often considerably less expensive than versions intended for retail marketing.

Keep in mind that not all brands offer testers, and not all testers are provided in the same way. While most come in simple black-and-white boxes, some aren’t provided in boxes at all, and a few may include different kinds of tops or sprayers than the retail version. Decorative caps that are on top of the spray nozzle of some brands of perfume may not be provided.

In all cases, however, the fragrance itself is the same.

Testers are intended as samplers. You can allow customers to use a tester, and you can spray it on cards for customers to take with them to help them make comparisons with other brands. They’re also a great choice for your personal use and the use of family and friends. Testers are also offered for sale online or in retail environments where customers appreciate value rather than packaging.

Misconceptions About Testers

The term tester leads to some misconceptions about what these products actually are. When ordering perfume wholesale, you’ll almost certainly want at least one tester of every fragrance you order, if one is available. That saves you money when providing samples of the scent to your in-person retail customers. What else you do with testers is up to you.

But it’s important to understand that testers are:
– NOT used. The name indicates that the bottles can be used for testing, not that they already have been.
– NOT fakes. They are what they say they are, whether that’s a name brand original or an off-brand perfume.
– NOT illegal. Because tester packaging is often marked “not for resale” or something similar, people new to the industry often think reselling them is illegal. They’re intended for internal or personal use because the packaging is incomplete or unappealing, but there is no legal or moral reason they cannot be sold.

Testers come from perfume makers and are intended to be used. There is nothing strange, unseemly or unethical about purchasing, using, selling or giving away testers.

Customers who don’t care what their perfume containers look like often seek out testers for purchase. If you have some available, you can make a sale.

And when you’re purchasing perfume wholesale, you’re obviously in the business of making sales. If you’re like most retailers, you’ll do that by any legal, ethical and profitable means possible.

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