Protect Your Wholesale Perfume Investment From Shoplifting

While setting up your fragrance shop to look and feel like a high-security prison isn’t a very good idea, you need to be aware of organized shoplifting practices designed to deprive you of your wholesale perfume inventory and put it on the black market.

Shoplifting is a real and serious problem, but you can combat it in some simple and effective ways.

The Size Of The Problem

Consumer experts and law enforcement officials say that theft costs retail sellers billions each year. According to the National Retail Federation, the number could be as high as $30 billion a year. Retailers spend about $12 billion a year, according to some sources, to combat the problem.

The problem isn’t just teenagers who stick bottles of perfume and other consumer item under their coats and walk out while no one’s looking. Today, organized retail theft rings function in most major cities and in some smaller towns too.

In one small city with a name that wouldn’t be recognized outside of its home state, officials recently broke up a shoplifting ring that was operating over four counties and involved at least 13 police jurisdictions. The officials have pressed more than 116 theft charges on more than 60 people — both men and women.

In the case of this ring, these boosters, as they call themselves, worked in teams of up to eight people and hit stores including Family Dollar, CVS and Walmart.

In larger stores, the often accomplish the theft by doing a simple push out — they simply ignore staff and warning lights, walk out the door and dump the merchandise into a waiting getaway car. In smaller stores, nesting is more common. That involves hiding valuable perfumes and other items under newspapers or coats brought with them into the store.

Doing Something About It

You can protect your wholesale perfume investment from the unscrupulous people who enter your store alongside your genuine customers by being slightly deceptive, training employees to be present and pay attention and installing real security systems when necessary.

Petty thieves and those without much experience will avoid shops that have security camera and sensor gates, and you can install dummy or replica versions that aren’t hooked up to anything for very little cost. Making sure your employees stay between customers and the door is another effective technique when possible.

If theft becomes a real problem for you, protecting your wholesale perfume investment is essential to the survival of your business — and a real security system with cameras is the only solution, and you need a system installed by professionals for best results.

And even that, we’re sad to say, won’t stop all theft. But clear images of thieves can help police detect patterns, stop repeat offenders and put an end to organized rings in your area. That won’t get you your inventory back, but it will help put a stop to the problem in the future.

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