Resell Wholesale Fragrances For Big Markups When You Sell Well

If you want to make money reselling wholesale fragrance products at bricks-and-mortar stores, mall kiosks, expos and flea market booths, there are some tricks of the trade that can help you do it with greater volume and for a greater markup. It all starts with good customer service and sound selling techniques.

When you get perfume wholesale, you first have to put in a bit of work to create a nice store, kiosk or stall that will attract customers to it if you want to make some sales. Once they’re there, however, there are three things you can do to better convert lookers into buyers. They are:

1. Make sure your salespeople are knowledgeable.

Many perfume customers want guidance, so be sure your salespeople know how each of your perfumes and colognes smell so they can answer customer questions and meet their demands. What was that perfume that smells like a milder version of Pine-Sol? And which off-brand perfume in your stock smells just like the one advertised by that soap opera guy? Your employees will get some weird questions, and they need to be able to address them knowledgably even if they don’t really have all the answers.

2. Offer samples of the perfumes and colognes most likely to appeal the customer.

You can learn a lot about a customer by looking and even more by listening to their attitudes, comments and tone of voice. Whether you’re offering small samples to take home or a squirt from a tester, gently guide your customers to one or two scents that you think will appeal to them. Remember that a guy in t-shirt at a Sunday afternoon flea market may wear Italian suits to work, so don’t make too many assumptions based solely on looks. But do offer samples. There’s no other way to sell scent.

3. Don’t overwhelm, oversell or pressure customers.

After the second or third scent a customer tries, he or she probably won’t know the difference anymore, so don’t be too generous offering them sample cards — and they only have two wrists to test on anyway. Give customers more space and more time to decide than you would with other products because perfume and cologne are highly personal choices. And since the choice is completely subjective, it can take the average brain a bit more time to decide than it does to decide on one blender or toaster over another. So be patient, but don’t let anyone walk away without a second sales pitch.

Final Thoughts

And here’s another piece of advice for you if you’re new to selling in person: Don’t even try to outguess your customers. People are fickle, unpredictable and do unexpected things, so don’t let anyone shock you.

When you order wholesale fragrance products, you can attempt to order based on your projected clientele and your target area’s sales trends, but watch your sales patterns carefully and make sure you place future wholesale fragrance orders based on what you learned about your buyers when selling the first round.

Buying perfume wholesale and reselling it for a great markup is absolutely possible if you pay careful attention to your selling techniques and offer a wide range of product choices to satisfy every kind of buyer you might encounter.

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