What Is An Off-Brand Fragrance Or Perfume?

An off-brand or independent fragrance is an exciting opportunity for perfume sellers and customers alike. Because these lower-priced alternatives bring exciting scents to your customers at a fraction of the price they would have to pay for something similar at a department store, you stand to make big profits.

Even better, when customers get a whiff of these fine scents, the products sell themselves.

In many cases, so-called off-brand perfumes aren’t really off-brands at all. They’re actually brands of their own, designed by reputable value-oriented companies to resemble scents from big names.

But because these low-price brands don’t spend money on television advertising, posh launch events, regional reps and other things that promote the brand but raise the price of the products, we can sell you these products at better wholesale prices, and you can pass low prices along to your customers.

That’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.

Clearing Up Misconceptions

There are lots of misconceptions about companies like Karen Low, Franck Olivier, New Brand and Glenn Perri that focus on value rather than name recognition. Let’s clear up a few of them.

First, there’s an idea that these perfumes are inferior quality products. But that’s not true. These companies spend time and money creating fragrances that customers will love. They make long-lasting scents with strong concentrations designed to last all day and all evening too in many cases. Their names may not be as well-known as the designer brands, but they stake their reputations on every bottle.

Second, there’s an idea that so-called knockoffs are dishonest or morally wrong in some way. That isn’t true either. Formulators at these value-priced brands create what customers want. There’s no way some customers can afford high-end fashion designer fragrances, but they can afford reasonably priced alternatives. Nothing is stolen or knocked off. The creators simple analyze the premium brands and create something that seems similar to them. Ultimately customers decide if the product is worth purchasing.

Third, there’s an idea that selling less expensive perfume results in less profit for retailers. You guessed it: that isn’t true either. Because low-priced brand-name alternatives are available from wholesalers at such low prices, you can actually mark them up more than you mark up designer brands, giving you a large profit margin. And because they’re often great sellers, there’s more volume-related profit too.

More About Off-Brand Perfumes

In many cases, low-priced perfume makers don’t just copy a fragrance, they create packaging reminiscent of the original too, helping complete the experience. That means these products often look just as good on store shelves as designer originals. And they often appeal equally to customers too.

Just how well an off-brand perfume matches the original is down to the skill of the replicator and his or her equipment. In many cases, the match is quite good. In some cases, it can be even more pleasing to customers than the original. The market decides the popularity of a duplicate once it’s released, so going with products that have been out a while makes sense.

In short, off-price copies aren’t inferior, they’re just less expensive.

When you consider all this information, it’s no wonder that so many fragrance retailers push these products over originals. They’re sensible alternatives that offer high profit margins and scents customers love.

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