Why Wholesale Perfume Distributors Want You To Understand Top Notes, Heart Notes And Base Notes

As wholesale perfume distributors, it’s in our best interest if you and your customers understand how perfumes age on the body. That’s because customers who smell top notes in your store may be disappointed when only base notes remain on their skin.

This is especially important with off-brand perfumes that can evaporate from the skin somewhat more quickly than name brands, leaving lingering base notes much longer.

Still confused? Don’t have any idea what we’re talking about?

For your customers to be completely satisfied, they must understand that perfumes change in smell after they’re placed on the body. Did you know that? If not, it’s time for a quick lesson about top notes, heart notes and base notes. This lesson will benefit you and your wholesale perfume distributors like us who will have a lot less explaining to do if you understand this natural and expected part of perfume wearing.

Notes Aren’t Just For Music

If you’re more of a businessperson that a true perfume connoisseur, you may need to learn a few things about perfumes to make yourself a better perfume retailer. And a lesson about top notes, heart notes and base notes is as good a place to start as any.

Top notes are simply the impression that a perfume or cologne gives when it’s first smelled or applied to skin or clothing. You smell the most volatile ingredients first, and these may quickly go away. That’s why it’s important for customers to sample a fragrance and let it rest a few minutes before making a firm decision.

While the top notes are often the freshest, strongest and perhaps even a bit harsh, they quickly fade into the heart notes, which are often gentler.

Heart notes — also called the middle notes — are the true essence of the scent. Put simply, these notes are what a scent smells like most of the time it’s being worn. That’s after the top notes have faded away and before the base notes become obvious.

Base notes are the third and final phase of a perfume or cologne evaporating from the skin and are important for customers and sellers to understand. Some low-quality perfumes can have unpleasantly harsh, musky or chemically bottom or base notes. These notes are the leftovers, if you will — the scent that remains on the skin as it is finishing its evaporation.

Base notes can be quite pleasant, however, depending on the scent. They are also an indication that it’s time to reapply if the evening is still young.

Putting It All Together

In general, top notes aren’t a good indication of a fragrance because they evaporate rather quickly. Heart notes become prominent after a few minutes. Customers will complain, however, if heart notes fade to base notes too quickly — although they may not use this technical terminology.

Still, wholesale perfume distributors like us and retailers like you are required to decode what our customers really mean so we can understand their issues. And understanding that fragrances have a three-stage evaporation life is an important part of that.

Wholesale perfume distributors like Perfume Price ultimately want the same thing you do: great profits and satisfied customers. Understanding industry terminology will help us both reach our goals.

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