What Should You Buy When Ordering Perfume Wholesale? Market Research Is Close At Hand

So which products will sell best at your bricks-and-mortar or online perfume store? When ordering perfume wholesale there are so many choices that it can be hard to decide which products are best.

But there are lots of ways to find out for yourself what kinds of fragrances people are wearing — and you’ll be surprised how many people will readily admit wearing off-brand perfume instead of expensive name brands.

So how do you do some market research without hiring a marketing consultant and spending lots of money? Here are some great ideas:

Start with your friends and family.

Notice what those closest to you are wearing. Have you been paying attention? Your teenage children, your spouse and your siblings may all be spending money on perfume. But which brands are getting their dollars? Look around and ask questions.

Pass close to people.

As you get more experienced with how fragrances smell, you’ll recognize many scents. Then, go to the mall or a restaurant near where your business is located and take note of what people are wearing. Those people are your customers, and they’ll buy from you if you offer better deals and friendlier service than your competitors.

Have a testing party.

Once you get a selection of scents on hand, invite a few people over to offer you opinions on which they think you should promote the hardest. All this kind of market research will cost you is a couple bottles of wine and some chips and salsa. Soon, you’ll be ordering wholesale perfume with a lot more acumen once you have these valuable opinions onboard.

Simply ask.

Ask your friends what they wear and why. You already know your friends and their tendencies, so their opinions will help you match up fragrances with the kinds of people who wear them. That will not only help you with ordering perfume wholesale from your supplier but with understanding what products to push to which people.

Ask women about men’s fragrances.

Men may be reluctant to talk about fragrances and may not admit when they wear off-brand cologne. But ask the women around you what their men wear and what scents they find attractive. This is a valuable market research method too.

Be sure to take good notes on everything you’re learning about the fragrance industry from your free sources of market research, then you’ll soon be an expert on the topic — as you should be.

And you can make smarter buying choices when you order perfume wholesale from a supplier like Perfume Price. Sure, there’s some legwork involved in getting to know how the people around you interact with fragrances, but it’s a vital part of learning your business.

Plus, your friends and family will appreciate contributing to your success. That means everyone wins, and your relatives and acquaintances could become your best customers. Just be sure they understand you’re in business to make money — and not in the business of giving away your inventory.

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