Wholesale Perfume Suppliers Bring Ancient Tradition To The Masses

They probably couldn’t have imagined it: Those early Egyptians who invented perfume likely could not have imagined similar fragrances being sold by the case to entrepreneurs like you who make it available to the masses in shopping malls, online stores and through flea markets and other more personalized shopping experiences.

But wholesale perfume suppliers are today’s keepers of an ancient tradition. Without a way of getting perfume from one corner of the world to another, it couldn’t have become the worldwide, multi-billion-dollar enterprise that it is today.

The History Of Perfume

Like so many parts of modern life, perfume dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Originally, it was simply incense used as part of religion rituals. In fact, the word “perfume” is a combination of the Latin words “per” and “fumus” which translate “through smoke”.

Around the same time perfumes were being developed, so were cosmetics. Both were attempts to get the gods to smile down on people and generate positive outcomes in their lives. Those who could afford it even had perfumes and cosmetics place with them in their tombs for use in the afterlife. And these early Egyptians believed the more perfume you used, the better.

King Tut’s tomb is said to have included many pots of scented oils and fragrances surrounding his body — and many of them still smelled strong, even after more than 3,000 years.

As perfume usage traveled around the world in those early years, it was used mostly by priests and other religious officials in ceremonies. It made sense, of course, that people would soon want to use perfumes as part of their personal bathing and grooming rituals.

Perfume oils helped maintain the skin in Greece and Egypt, protecting against the hot climate. From the same desire to soften the skin arose moisturizers, balms and creams. In fact, most of today’s beauty enhancement products have their origins in ancient perfume rituals.

In ancient Egypt as today, fragrant oils and other personal and religious scents have always been contained in beautifully decorated vessels worthy of the sweet, sultry and appealing odors inside. Beautiful scents, many people believe, deserve to be represented by compelling and interesting containers.

Is The Romance Gone?

Today, it may seem that the romance and the mystery have gone from many aspects of life. But there are people around the globe trying to carry on ancient traditions. Are you doing your part?

In manufacturing plants, warehouses, industrial parks and storerooms around the world, the ancient tradition of perfuming the body for religious and personal reasons and as part of mating rituals is being maintained by scent makers and wholesale perfume suppliers.

The industry may not seem as separate, intriguing and distant from reality as it once did, but what does?

Today’s wholesale perfume suppliers are doing what they do best, and that’s something that’s continued for thousands of years. These companies are carrying on a tradition that started thousands of years ago with a very different purpose and meaning — and making it as relevant to today’s world as a lawnmower or an iPad.

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