Wholesale Perfume Types You Can Profitably Resell

There’s more than one type of perfume.

We don’t just mean there’s more than one brand — there are hundreds, obviously — but there’s more than one kind of preparation and more than one way products are intended to be used. Do you know about the four major types of perfume product types and how they differ?

If you’re new to the business or confused by what we mean, don’t worry. We’ll explain. There’s a lot to learn about the perfume business, but we’re here to help you every step of the way. For us to succeed, we need you to succeed.

Wholesale Perfume Fragrance Products You Can Resell

There are four primary kinds of wholesale perfume body fragrances that Perfume Price offers to its wholesale customers like you. This doesn’t cover every kind of product, but most fall into these four categories:

Liquid Body Splashes and Body Sprays

Intended to refresh wearers, these products often feature a lighter version of a scent in a water-based preparation that’s intended to be used liberally on the body. In general, these products don’t contain much oil, so they won’t stain clothing, cause discomfort when used in large quantity or leave wearers feeling dirty or sticky.

Liquid Perfume Sprays and Cologne Sprays

What most people think of when they say perfume or cologne, these contain a higher percentage of the fragrance than body splashes or sprays and are usually in an alcohol, oil or silicone base that allows them stay where they’re placed on the body. Large manufacturers usually use a lot of alcohol in their products. Smaller boutique makers may not use any alcohol at all due to legal restrictions related to manufacturing with alcohol.

Roll-On Perfumes

Less commonly available and not available in all brands, roll-on products are liquids that have strong fragrances. These tend to be long-lasting, and customers often prefer roll-ons when they are available. Note that these products are not roll-on antiperspirants or deodorants but are roll on versions of the designer and off-brand fragrances.

Solid Fragrances

The least common of commercially available fragrances are solid fragrances. Available in a limited number of brands, they can be solid sticks — which may be marketed like deodorants or formulated with antiperspirants — as well as waxes, butters and other related products. We have a limited number of solid wholesale perfume choices, but they are often popular with customers when available.

Final Thoughts

When purchasing wholesale perfume to resell, it’s important to understand the variety of choices available. Just as important as understanding them is to not try to outguess your customers.

While the idea of roll-on perfume or a fragrance butter that you apply with your fingers may seem unappealing to you, perfume retailers are in the business of making a profit. That means selling what customers want and creating a demand for innovative products they don’t yet know they want.

Armed with complete knowledge about the wide array of fragrance types available, you can make smart wholesale perfume buying choices that will serve you and your customers well.

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