Why Wholesale Perfume Distributors Have Your Best Interest At Heart

While there are disreputable businesses in every industry, there’s no reason to expect fraud, deception and dishonesty at every turn. In fact, most wholesale perfume distributors have the best interests of you — the small to mid-sized retailer — at heart. You are very literally the heart of their business, and they couldn’t make it without you.

That’s certainly the case here at Perfume Price. We depend on retailers like you to buy our products. Without you as our customers, we wouldn’t exist. And that means our small but dedicated staff of perfume, import and customer service specialists would be looking for work elsewhere.

If you think about, being a reputable company is a really good business model. That’s because:

We want your business. A good website filled with the products you need to run a successful retail perfume operation in person or over the Internet is the first thing reputable wholesale perfume distributors put in place — along with a real inventory of real products that are ready to ship to you, of course. Then, great customer service assures you that we can meet your specific needs and helps you overcome any questions, concerns or problems you encounter in the selection and ordering process so you can place your first order comfortably and without worries.

We want your repeat business. One order is great. But we can’t stay in business by serving every perfume retailer in the world only once. For us to be successful, we need you to be pleased with the quality of the products you get from us so you can sell them all and come back for more. We hope to hear from you with new orders several times a year — and some clients turn to us for affordable prices and great quality even more often than that.

We work based on relationships. Our strong relationships with manufacturers are how we offer you exceptional pricing on the products your customers want, and it makes sense for us to form strong relationships with our customers like you too. When we have powerful connections throughout the industry that are based on trust, quality, service and doing what’s right for all those with whom we deal, our reputation grows, increasing our buying power and our ability to serve. Doing things well can create exponential dividends.

Simply put, Perfume Price is a wholesale perfume distributor that has your best interests at heart because it’s the right thing to do — and satisfying you is the best business decision for us too. We can’t succeed if customers like you don’t succeed.

We’re a relatively young company, so we’re still in the relationship development stage. That’s part of the reason we’re totally dedicated to great service, excellent communication, innovation in procedures and integrity at every level of our organization. We believe that’s a smart business model that leads to successful partnerships involving customers like you, the manufacturers who also make our success possible and every other person or organization with whom we deal. That includes shipping companies, business supplies providers and many others.

When we all work together, manufacturers, wholesale perfume distributors like us, retailers like you and the others involved in the process can get great products to end customers, benefiting us all along the way.

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